Introducing The Cool Ideas Cradle Mountain Trail Run

We are extremely excited to announce that now have a special Trail Run option taking place on Saturday the 6th of April.
There will be four Trail Running distances on offer on Saturday the 6th of April:
4km – starts at 08h00
8km – starts at 08h00
15km – starts at 08h00
25km – starts at 08h00
The 4km and 8km will stay in the hiking trails inside the confines of Maropeng, whilst the 15km and 25km will make use of the hiking trails inside Maropeng, as well as some of the farm lands in and around Maropeng. This will be something new, something different and will appeal to runners and walkers of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Trail Running: Fees


Cradle Mountain Trophy Trail Run – 4km

Cradle Mountain Trophy Trail Run – 8km

Cradle Mountain Trophy Trail Run – 15 km

Cradle Mountain Trophy Trail Run – 25km

Normal Rate





Entries are now open - Click here to enter.


  1. T-shirt for all Trail Run entrants.
  2. Great running – use of hiking trails in Maropeng and surrounding farm lands.
  3. A professionally planned and managed route.
  4. Goodie Bag.
  5. There will be food vendors at Maropeng for Saturday and Sunday as well as Craft beer on tap and more.
  6. Showers at the finish.
  7. Good TLC all along the way.
  8. Lucky draw prizes and race medal.
  9. One of the best and most enjoyable Trail Run get togethers you're going to get.

This is a Pre-Entry event only and NO entries will be accepted on race day.

Runner registration and number collection will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of April 2019 from 12.00 to 17.00. Venue to be confirmed.

Trail Run Prizes and Race Rules

The prize categories here are far simpler.

The following prizes are up for grabs

Cool Ideas Show-off Prize
1st, 2nd and 3rd Men and Ladies – no cash prizes, but some really “Cool” stuff.

Cool Ideas Fashion Prize
Cool Ideas prize for best dressed male and best dressed female.

Cool Ideas Competitors Prize
Slowest male and slowest female prize – dedicated to Cool Ideas competitors because of their slow speed and slow service (!)

Cool Ideas Dial-Up Prize
Remember dialling up with your modem all those years ago? Well, if not, it’s because you weren’t born yet.
The Dial-Up Prize is dedicated to the first man and first lady across the line over the age of 60.

Trail Run Rules
We have a special Leverage Corporation Trail Run Code of conduct.

Amongst other things, the basic rule is no kicking, biting, screaming, scratching or punching. Oh… No drugs and don’t take shortcuts.

TLC Trail Runners Code of Conduct:
Respect the trail
  - Respect the environment
  - Respect wildlife
  - No littering
• Respect your fellow runner.
• Help others – you were a beginner once.
• Respect the landowner – they make trails available for a race – not for your personal enjoyment when there isn’t a race – when a gate is closed, it’s closed – so don’t swear at landowners when confronted about trespassing.
• If there’s a hill…. get over it.
• Respect the marshals and officials.
• No princesses or drama queens allowed – this one is mainly for the guys.
• Adhere to the basics
  - Stick to the rules of the road.
• Train – well sort of.
• Pay it forward – help others in need - you may need help one day.
• Remember the basics
  - Bring a cell phone
  - Bring food
  - Carry enough liquid
• If you are doing a race, your goodie bag isn’t always going to be like Oxpecker. Get over it.
• Don’t trash the organisers on Social Media – have the balls to chat to them first.
• If racing, follow the arrows – not the person in front of you.
• Enjoy it – we get it that fitness and health are a big part of what you do but have fun as well.

Chill, Chat, Have a Cold One, Share Stories,
Show off your toys
  - enjoy it!


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